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K1 Speed - Indoor Go Karts

For those who are not familiar with K1 Speed – Indoor Go Kart, let us quickly review the company and its go-karting tracks. K1 Speed was founded by Boris Said and Susan Danglard, both of whom are former racing drivers and have backgrounds in the fashion industry. They opened their first go-kart track in 2003 and have since opened many more in the area. They have received rave reviews from many customers, so we recommend trying out one of their go-kart tracks.

This company also offers military discounts, as well as discounts for active-duty military. You can also enjoy a five-race package for only $10! The only catch is that you have to be a member of the K1 Speed company in order to participate in their events. You can waive the annual membership fee for parties, though. K1 Speed is located in the heart of downtown Dallas. If you are looking for indoor activities in Dallas, K1 Speed is the place to be. You can find a number of activities here, and everyone can have a great time. Click the Following Webpage

The place is conveniently located near Willowbrook, Oak Forest / Garden Oaks, and Wheaton. You can find a K1 Speed near any of these locations. Moreover, the food is great and affordable. And with the staff being friendly and energetic, it is a great place to host a corporate event or team-building exercise. The facility also hosts birthday parties and other special events. If you are looking for a fun activity, K1 Speed is the place to be.

Depending on the location of your chosen K1 Speed – Indoor Go Kart tracks, you can choose from one of two unique tracks each time you visit. Tracks at each location are around a quarter-mile long, and the first-time drivers will get a briefing on kart operation and safety. And once you’ve decided which track you want to try, you can make a reservation.

The K1 Speed – Indoor Go Kart Los Angeles track features a course that’s designed for drift style racing, and it’s free! For a low price, you’ll have access to all the other attractions in the city, as well. The vehicles at K1 Speed are zero emission, and you can race your karts on any day of the year. You can race them at speeds as fast as 45 miles per hour!

K1 Speed is one of the largest indoor karting facilities in the world, with 55 locations worldwide. K1 Speed offers both an outdoor and indoor section, although the outdoor section may be closed on rainy or cold days. If you prefer to stay indoors, you’ll probably be more comfortable on warm or sunny days. There are pre-race training sessions available for new competitors, and you can even get a gift card to use in the arcade.

K1 Speed – Indoor Go Kart Dallas offers a multi-level indoor track with hills and flats. You can experience incredible G-forces on the track, and you’ll feel like a formula race car driver. The karts are designed to be quiet, but have impressive acceleration. You’ll be racing against your opponents and have fun at the same time! The only downfall is the waiting time between races! Click Here